API Beta Release

We are thrilled to announce the beta release of the Messari API!

  1. Support for 7 new datasets
    • Market Data: Price, volume, ATH, and ROI data for 5000+ assets across 70+ venues.
    • Intel Events: The crypto-equivalent of corporate actions, Intel Events are currently utilized by infrastructure providers, investors, compliance teams, and project teams to power their workflows, keep their mission-critical systems up and running, monitor the markets, and keep tabs on legal or regulatory changes in the market.
    • Assets: A complete directory of all the assets supported on Messari. Asset IDs are used throughout the API to look up datasets on a per-asset basis.
    • Governance: Proposals and metrics for 100+ DAOs.
    • News: News articles from the most trusted crypto news outlets and project blogs.
    • Research Reports: Research reports are now accessible via API, which can be used to integrate our research into your own internal platforms or tooling.
    • Diligence Reports: World-class Diligence Reports delivered to your teams though the API for use in compliance or due diligence processes.
  2. A brand new Messari Documentation Hub for any product or API-related information.