We're excited to share the latest updates to the Messari Screener!

  • Enhanced Filtering Capabilities: The screener now supports an unlimited number of filters. Simply click the 'New Filter' button to start adding filters. You can search for any metric or field directly in the search bar or scroll through the available metrics. Navigate through different metric types, such as Market Data, Marketcap, and Classification, using the top-level navigation of the filter dropdown.
  • Advanced Metric Functions: Apply functions to metrics by clicking on the fx button next to the metric label. Functions include filtering by specific dates, cumulative sum, average, minimum, maximum, median, absolute change, and percentage change. You can also select from a wide range of timeframe options, from specific hours or days to custom timeframes.
  • Qualitative Filters: Alongside metric filters, the screener now allows for qualitative filters. Filter results based on assets, watchlists, sectors, categories, tags, exchanges, and networks. For instance, you can narrow down results to assets trading on specific exchanges or those tagged under a particular category.
  • Combining Multiple Filters: Combine an unlimited number of filters for more refined results. As you add filters, a tooltip on the right side will indicate how many assets match each filter, individually or in combination. Filters can be edited or deleted at any point.
  • Improved User Experience: Pro users can now create and save up to 5 screeners, while Enterprise users have no limit. Both tiers have access to hundreds of pre-made curated Messari Screens to enhance their workflows.