TradingView Charts

We're excited to unveil the latest updates to the Messari TradingView Charts!

  1. Enhanced Integration:
    • Pro and Enterprise users can now leverage our enhanced TradingView integration to create detailed Technical Analysis charts, offering a more comprehensive view of market trends and patterns.
  2. Robust Charting Capabilities:
    • Access over 100+ prebuilt, popular indicators.
    • Utilize 90+ smart drawing tools to annotate and highlight specific data points.
    • Choose from 15+ diverse chart types to visualize data in a way that suits your analysis needs.
    • Set custom time intervals for more granular data representation.
    • Compare multiple assets side-by-side for a holistic market overview.
  3. Save and Load Charts:
    • Pro users can save up to 10 charts, while Enterprise users enjoy unlimited chart-saving capabilities.
    • Easily save your charts by clicking on "Save" at the top right or using the ⌘ + S shortcut.
    • Access a menu to load previously saved charts and manage your chart library, ensuring your analysis is always at your fingertips.
  4. User-Centric Experience:
    • With the enhanced TradingView integration, users can now seamlessly save, load, and manage their charts, providing a more streamlined and efficient charting experience.