Aave V3 Subgraph Example

Total Value Locked (TVL) USD

Sum across all Reserves:

Pool Deposit TVL

Includes supply interest earned

Total Revenue USD

Sum across all Reserves:

Borrow interest + Flash loan premium + Bridge fee + Liquidation bonus

Protocol-Side Revenue USD

Portion of the Total Revenue allocated to the Protocol

Sum across all Reserves:

(Borrow interest * reserve factor) + Flash loan protocol premium + Bridge protocol fee + Liquidation protocol bonus

Calculated using:

  • aToken transfers to treasury address (liquidation bonus)
  • Pool.getReserveData(asset).accruedToTreasury

Supply-Side Revenue USD

Portion of the Total Revenue allocated to the Supply-Side

Sum across all Reserves:

Supply APY + Flash loan LP premium + Bridge LP fee + Liquidation LP bonus

Calculated using:

  • (aToken liquidity index change * scaled total supply)
  • Liquidate.profitUSD

Total Borrow Balance

Sum across all Reserves:

VariableDebtToken total supply + StableDebtToken total supply

Includes accrued interest

Total Unique Users

Count of Unique Addresses which have interacted with the protocol via any transaction






Reward Token Emissions Amount

Emissions per second * seconds per day