Understanding Protocol Pages

An overview of the available data found on the protocol pages listed on the Protocol Explorer.


Each protocol has an overview page that provides the data tracked the protocol all in one view. Listed below are the descriptions of these data and how you can sort and filter on this page.


In the header of a protocol, you will find the following data when available:

  • Protocol Name
  • Current Total Value Locked (TVL)
  • Networks - The networks that this protocol is active on
  • Share Button - Allowing you to share the page
  • Current Ranking by TVL for the protocol in its assigned category.


The below information is covering all of the available data for protocols. Depending on the protocol type and the availability of that data, some sections will be missing from the protocol page.


This is a list of the available networks that this protocol is active on. You can use the network names as filters if you are interested in seeing the protocol's performance on a specific network.

Key Metrics

This chart is a list of the available key metrics for the protocol including volume, revenue, and transaction count. For more information on the definitions of these metrics, please go to this page.


Charts can be viewed for any of the available metrics for that protocol. Changing the metric is done by selecting the dropdown next to the 'Charts' label. The time span of a chart can also be selected in the top right of every chart.

Charts are created for each network to compare the performance of the protocol by the network.


The 'Competition' section is a list of the protocols that are in the same category. You can filter this list on the revenue, deposits, and borrows of these protocols.


The pools section lists the liquidity pools that are hosted on this protocol. The chart includes columns for the total volume locked (TVL) and the annual percentage rates for both depositing and borrowing from the pool. These can be adjusted to cover different timespans.

For more information on pools, visit Pool Explorer documentation.


This is a list of tokens that are traded by this protocol. The chart includes the TVL and volume amount for both deposits and borrowing.

By clicking on a specific asset you will be taken to the Asset Profile where you will find more information and data about the asset.

Historical Data

Historical Data is a daily snapshot of the key metrics for the protocol. Metrics include:

  • TVL - Total value locked. Indicates the value of assets deposited in the protocol.
  • Total Revenue - Total revenue generated by the protocol.
  • Protocol Revenue - Revenue generated for the protocol (e.g. token holders, protocol treasury)
  • Supply-side Revenue - Revenue generated for users supplying assets to the protocol.

Clicking on 'View Full History' will take to you to the complete list of the historical data available for this protocol.