An overview of the data and insights found on the Asset Pages listed on Messari
Messari provides insights and data about the current and past activity of a crypto asset. You will also find research and analysis related to certain assets and the crypto economy as a whole.
For the assets listed on Messari, users can:
  • Review an Asset Profile to understand the full context of an asset including information on its history, roadmap, and token economics.
  • Monitor markets to get insights on pricing, price deviations, and trading volumes of the popular crypto exchanges.
  • Analyze charts of an asset that covers areas such as market pricing, token supply, and network activity.

Asset Overview Page

Asset Overview Page
Every asset has an overview page that includes important metrics, charts, and other data including:
  • Real-time Price of Asset
  • Available asset links including the official website, community pages, technical resources, and blockchain explorers.
  • Ability to add the asset to a watchlist (start icon)
  • Ability to share asset profile page to other apps or copy link (share icon)
  • Postion of the asset by market cap compared to all available assets ex: '#2 in All Assets'
  • Position of the asset by market cap compared to all available assets in the same asset category ex: '#1 in Smart Contract Platforms'.

Main Page

  • Key Metrics - Market-related metrics including Price, Real Colvume and Marketcap
  • Key Info - Information about the token, consensus algorithm, and the date the genesis block was mined.
  • Summary - A brief description of the asset, connected blockchain, and technology.
  • Price Lookup - A price lookup for the asset. The date of the lookup can be changed. ROI calculated from the current date.
  • Charts - A chart connected to the asset. The chart can be changed to any available chart for the asset. See Reading Charts for more about the available charts.
  • Intel - Events connected to this asset from Intel.
  • Research - Research feed that is connected to this asset.
  • Peers - Similiar assets that are in the same asset category. Example: Smart Contract Platforms
  • ROI - Return on Investment at certain periods and comparative returns
  • Markets - Exchanges that are trading this asset and current price and 24h volumes of that exchange.
  • Historical Data - Historical Price and Volume data for this asset.