Aggregating News

An overview of the News section of Messari


The world of crypto is a changing one that can be difficult to keep up with. The Messari News Aggregator makes it easier by pulling together all the latest news and events of the cryptoeconomy. The news feed provides links to the latest events and announcements that help you be an informed user and investor.
The news feed offers a curated view and allows you to apply filters to the feed to find the news articles most relevant to you and the assets you are interested in.

Curated vs Firehose

The news feed can be viewed in two views. To switch between the two views, select them using the toggle at the top right of your screen.


The curated view offers news articles from the most trusted news sources. These sources include Decrypt, Blockworks, CoinDesk, and The Block. These sources maintain a high level of journalistic quality and editorial standards.


The firehose view pulls both from the curated sources and news articles from across the web that is related to assets listed on Messari and other crypto events. Sources include the protocol blogs hosted on Medium. News from this view may not have the same level of journalistic quality checks compared to the curated sources.

Filtering News Articles


To find articles that are connected to your assets listed on your watchlists or specific assets, use the 'Asset / Watchlist' dropdown. By selecting an asset or watchlist, the news feed will only show news articles based on your selection.
As an article can be connected to more than one asset, the assets it does cover are shown as a list in the news feed.


To find articles from specific sources, you can filter and select using the 'Source' dropdown. The available options will change when switching from 'Curated' to 'Firehose' view.