Exploring Web3 Tools

A how-to guide and explanation of the information available on Web3 tools.
DAOs utilize several tools and platforms in order to manage and grow their communities. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the growing amount of tools available and used by DAOs. To help with this, we have built a Web3 Tools section inside Governor.


Tool Types
The 'Types' filter covers the function of the tool. For example, the 'Governance & Voting' type includes any tools that are designed to help organize voting, vote, or structure DAO governance. A popular tool that fits this type is Snapshot.


Tool Tags
The 'Tags' filter covers the type of tool. Using the earlier example of Snapshot, this tool is tagged as both 'Governance & Voting' and 'Governance Framework'.
A tool can have multiple tags assigned to it but will only have one 'Type'. For this reason, when filtering on 'Type', the amount of 'Tags' available to filter may also change.