An overview of Messari Governor covering the insights and information on DAOs, Proposals and, Web3 Tools.
Messari Governor is a database and aggregator of DAOs, Proposals, and Web3 tools. Within Governor users can:
  • Find DAOs amongst the 850+ DAOs listed through the available tags and filters.
  • Track proposal votes so that you will never miss a vote and can understand changes across multiple DAOs and protocols.
  • Explore popular tools for building Web3 products, protocols, and communities.

Use Cases

  • Governor is used by token holders in order to have transparent and reliable information and make more educated votes.
  • Governor is used by DAO stakeholders (funds, delegates, community members, service providers, etc.) in order to keep track of the governance activity of the DAOs they work with, improving their internal monitoring process.
  • Governor is used by DAOs in order to find new tools they could use to improve how they run their operations.
  • Governor is used by DAOs and tool teams as a discovery tool to increase their visibility.