Tracking Proposals

A how-to guide on how to track DAO proposals with Messari Governor
Governor allows you to find, track and vote on proposals all in one location. You can also navigate to the community discussions as well as get a quick snapshot of the mood of the discussions through the provided sentiment analysis.

Proposal Listings

Proposals from the DAOs listed on Messari can be tracked with Governor. On the main Proposals page, you will find a table view of the: proposal title, current status, category, sub-category, and the importance level of the proposal.
Proposal Listings
You also have the ability to search and filter on any of these labels. For example, you can quickly find DAO proposals that are of a 'High' importance level or assets that you have saved inside a watchlist.
For a guide on the definitions of the labels used for the proposals, please find the below pages:
For more details on the proposal, you can click on the title of the proposal which will bring you to the specific proposal page.