Manage Seats & Users

Modify your available seats, invite new users and manage existing users.
To manage seats and users, you'll need to be an organization Owner.


Under Seats you can add or decrease the number of available seats for your organization
To manage seats, click "Manage Seats". A pop-up window will appear that will display a drop down menu to select the number of seats. You'll also be able to see a progress bar of the amount of seats that remain available for your organization.


Under Users you'll be able to see and manage all the users that have seats in your organization. You can invite as many users as there are seats available. You can remove users, cancel invites, and change user roles at any time.
Adding a New User
To add new users, click the blue "Add User" button. A window will appear that will allow you to input the new user's email address and assign a corresponding organizational role.
Select "Invite" in order to send the user an invitation to join.
Updating a User Role or Removing a User
To update a user role, click on the three dots to the right of the user listed under User Details. You'll then have the option to Update Role or Remove User.