Exploring Protocols

A guide on finding data about Protocols using the Protocol Explorer

Filter by Protocol Categories

Protocol Explorer groups protocols by categories. These categories are connected to the type of protocol that is the best fit for that protocol. Categories can be filtered by selecting the arrow next to the current protocol category.
The available metrics are connected to the product category. For example, trading volume is available for Decentralized Exchanges. Definitions of the available protocol categories can be found on this page.

Searching For Protocols

By Name

Protocols can be found by searching the name of the protocol in the search bar. This will return the results of protocols containing your search query. For example, searching 'aa' will return all protocols containing 'aa'.
Any search you do in the search bar will also be included if you use any additional filters. If you want to only use only the filter dropdown options, make sure your search bar is clear.

By Network

Each protocol has one or more networks connected to it. These networks are where the protocol is active. Use the drop-down filter next to the search bar to search for protocols by a network.
By using this feature, you can find which are the most popular protocols by Revenue on different networks. For more information on the available networks listed on the protocol explorer, please go to this page.

By Protocol

The 'Protocols' dropdown filter allows you to filter on any of the available protocols. This is useful if you would like to compare multiple protocols by the key metrics available like Revenue.

By Metrics

Protocols listed have metrics that are tracked by Messari for that protocol. The list of protocols can be filtered using these metrics by selecting them under the search bar.
With these filters selected, you can also sort columns available for that key metric in the main list. This is helpful when understanding the performance level of protocols.
For the definitions of the available metrics, please use this page.
The timespan of these metrics can also be changed by selecting the gear icon next to the 'Protocols' dropdown.