About Messari

Messari brings transparency to the cryptoeconomy. We want to help investors, regulators, and the public make sense of this revolutionary new asset class, and are building data tools that will drive informed decision-making and investment. We believe that crypto will democratize access to information, break down data silos, and ultimately give everyone the tools to build wealth.

Using Messari

The Messari platform is a central hub for data and analysis of the cryptoeconomy. The platform features the ability to track crypto assets, discover research, follow crypto events, find DAOs, and read crypto news.

Each tool within the platform allows users to customize the feed of information to the assets, DAOs, and events that are relevant to them. Users can also connect their wallets to the platform, which enables activities like voting directly on the platform.

Getting Started

The best place to start to get the most value and insights from the data inside the Messari platform is the Messari homepage. Also check out our Starter's Guide for more tips, tricks, and resources.