Event Pages

An overview of the data available and format of the Messari Intel Event Pages.

Event pages provide important information on the related protocol/ asset, the importance level of the event, the status of the event, and the event type.


Each event title will give you a snapshot of what the event is about. Along with the title, if there is a list of the related assets and other events listed in Intel.

Importance Levels

Not all events are equal. In order to understand the level of impact and whether you need to take any action, each event page shows the assigned importance level.

Updates and History

Events can take place in several stages. Messari Intel tracks the event throughout all of the stages. For example, a Governance Vote will be when the voting of the proposal has taken place and when it has been approved for implementation.

The latest update will always be shown on the main page but you can also access the full history of the event by clicking on the 'View Full History' link located at the bottom of the event.

Event Details

Event details are a summary of the event and the important areas that it covers. For example, this can include information on what a proposal will change in a DAO or protocol if passed.

Other information like when the voting will end on the proposal or the change log/release notes of an implementation will also be included.


Every event is assigned one category and one sub-category. These categories help with filtering events that are relevant to you.


In addition to providing the event details, an event page can have attached resources so that you can get more data and context about the event.