An overview of Messari Intel covering the insights and information on crypto events and activities

Intel is an aggregator that provides real-time updates of events across Key Developments, Governance, and News, enabling users to closely monitor their assets and ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest information. Examples of events include governance updates, token sales, software releases, and hacks or attacks

Within Messari Intel users can:

  • Filter events to find the most relevant and important events to them
  • Create event alerts to never miss an update or change
  • Explore events to understand the details, the level of importance, and the connected assets.

Use Cases

  • Intel is used by infrastructure providers to get real-time updates on network activity like software upgrades, service outages, and maintenance releases.
  • Intel is used by funds to get the latest financial reports and monitor ecosystem projects for investment decisions and due diligence.
  • Intel is used by governance participants and VCs to monitor important forum discussions, proposals, governance analytics, and actively vote on important proposals or delegate to appropriate parties.
  • Intel is used by exchanges and staking service providers to learn about new client implementations of a protocol and exchange-related events.