Diligence Reports

An overview of Messari Diligence reports

Messari Diligence Reports provide full asset profiles and in-depth breakdowns for over 150 crypto projects using a standardized report structure so that you can quickly answer the most important questions that arise during asset analysis and comparison.

Curated by our specialized research teams, Diligence Reports contain key insights around the project's origins, background, technology, token usage and economics, and important legal and regulatory information.

Watch a complete overview of Messari Diligence Reports and learn how to obtain access:

Note: Diligence Reports are only available to Enterprise subscribers. All reports are available to purchase individually or in bulk. Visit this page to learn more.

Use Cases

  • VCs, Portfolio Managers, and other investment professionals use Diligence Reports to obtain a full, 360-degree view of an asset when conducting research or performing analysis.
  • Compliance, Operations, and Exchange Listing teams use Diligence Reports to compare assets, understand all technological requirements and risks associated with an asset, and to conduct necessary research before deciding whether or not to take 'action on a particular asset.

Navigating Diligence Reports

Click on "Diligence Reports" in the navigation menu.

On your home screen, you will see:

  • Purchased Reports: Reports that you purchased (if you are an Enterprise subscriber who purchased the entire Diligence Library, they will be accessible here). Click on My Reports in the side-navigation menu or "See All" in the right hand corner to view all of your available reports.
  • Included Reports: Each Enterprise subscription includes access to 5 Diligence Reports.

You can filter available reports by Sector by clicking on the respective dropdown located towards the top of the page. You can also view your reports in a list or grid display.

List Display allows you to sort available reports by Date Last Updated, Asset Marketcap, or by Sector. You can download available reports by selecting the export arrow located in the last column.

Once you've opened a Diligence Report, you can quickly navigate to each section using the Outline on the right hand side. You can also download a report, set up Alerts for it (see Alerts section below), or add the asset to your Watchlist(s) using the buttons in the top right corner.

Setting Up Alerts

Want to stay on top of any updates made to a Diligence Report? Receive emails every time a Messari Diligence Report is udpated.

In the Grid view, click the three dots next to an asset's Sector to reveal options to download a report or to set up an Alert. You can also set up Alerts by opening a report and clicking on "Alert Me" in the right hand corner.

When you set up an Alerting policy, you will receive email alerts each time updates to the report are made.

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