A guide for navigating Messari Project Pages.

Messari’s Project pages combines all of the information you need to analyze an Asset, Protocol and DAO in one place. Our Project pages contain a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data so that you can make an informed decision in crypto.

Our Project pages include:

  • Overview, Snapshot: Overview of the project with a focus on market data and Messari’s core offerings.
  • Overview, Profile: Summary description of the project.
  • Diligence: Key insights around the projects origins, background, technology, token usage and economics, and important legal and regulatory information.
  • Markets: Price, trading volume and other market-related metrics for all of the markets trading the project’s asset.
  • News: Aggregated news related to the project from different sources displayed as a firehose and curated feed.
  • Key Developments: Important events related to the project, including both on-chain and off-chain events.
  • Protocol Fundamentals: Analytics into individual protocols related to the project and their on-chain metrics.
  • Governance: Access to all the information related to a project’s governance including: proposals, on-chain metrics, off-chain metrics, DAO structure, governance process, and tooling.
  • Quarterly Reports: Access to Messari’s quarterly research reports for a project.
  • Research: All of Messari’s research reports related to the project.
  • Charts: All of Messari’s charts related to the project.

If a Project does does not include one of the above datasets, it will not be displayed in the Project side-navigation menu. For example, if a Project does not have a Diligence Report, “Diligence” will not be visible in the navigation.

If you are interested in a dataset or feature that is not currently supported for a Project, please contact .

Other features

Project Switcher

Located at the top of the side-navigation menu, quickly discover and navigate to other projects. Toggles allow you to switch between:

  • All: Top 100 Projects by Marketcap.
  • Competition: Projects in the same sector (e.g. Exchanges, Lending, Smart Contract Platforms).
  • From Watchlists: Projects associated with any assets from your watchlists.


Located in the top-right of all Project pages, configure alerts for key developments, governance and diligence reports by clicking on the “Alert Me” button.

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Located in the top-right of all Project pages, quickly add any Project to your watchlist(s) by clicking on “Add to Watchlist”.

Example Project Pages