Project Pages Introduction

A guide for navigating Messari Project Pages

Project Pages combine all of the information you need to analyze an Asset, Protocol, and DAO in one place. Our Project Pages contain a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data to help you make more informed decisions.

Use the search bar or click on any project throughout the site to visit its Project Page.

Project Page Overview:

Project Page Features

Project pages provide a wealth of information to fully analyze an asset, protocol, and DAO.

If a Project does does not include one of the following datasets, it will not be displayed in the side-navigation menu. For example, if a Project does not have a Diligence Report, “Diligence” will not be visible in the navigation.

Our Project Pages include:

  • Overview, Snapshot: Overview of the project with a focus on market data and Messari’s core offerings.
  • Overview, Price Chart: View and customize the asset's TradingView Price Chart.
  • Overview, Profile: Summary description of the project.
  • Diligence: Key insights around the project's origins, background, technology, token usage and economics, and important legal and regulatory information.
  • Token Unlocks: Information and analytics related to the vesting/unlock data of the project's asset.
  • Markets: Price, trading volume, and other market-related metrics for all of the markets trading the project’s asset.
  • News: Aggregated news related to the project from different sources displayed as a firehose and curated feed.
  • Key Developments: Important events related to the project, including both on-chain and off-chain events.
  • Protocol Fundamentals: Analytics into individual protocols related to the project and their on-chain metrics.
  • Governance: Access to all the information related to a project’s governance including proposals, on-chain metrics, off-chain metrics, DAO structure, governance process, and tooling.
  • Quarterly Reports: Access to Messari’s quarterly reports for a project.
  • Research: All of Messari’s research reports related to the project.
  • Charts: All of Messari’s charts related to the project.

If you are interested in a dataset or feature that is not currently supported for a Project, please contact Messari Support.


Project Switcher

Quickly discover and navigate to other projects using the Project Switcher. Located at the top of the side-navigation menu, clicking on "Switch" (keyboard shortcut Cmd + /) allow you to switch between:

  • All: Top 100 Projects by Marketcap
  • Competition: Projects in the same sector (e.g. Exchanges, Lending, Smart Contract Platforms)
  • From Watchlists: Projects associated with any assets from your watchlists


Located in the top-right of all Project pages, configure alerts for Key Developments, Governance, and Diligence Report updates by clicking on the “Alert Me” button.

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Add Projects to Your Watchlist

Located in the top-right of all Project pages, quickly add any Project to your Watchlist(s) by clicking on “Add to Watchlist.”

Example Project Pages