TradingView Charts


Pro and Enterprise users can use our TradingView integration to create Technical Analysis charts. Messari offers multiple chart types for all your crypto data visualization needs. Learn more about this tool here:

The TradingView chart capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • 100+ prebuilt, popular indicators available
  • 90+ smart drawing tools
  • 15+ different chart types
  • Set custom time intervals
  • Compare multiple assets
  • Overlay Notable Events (Enterprise users only)
  • Save and load saved charts

Saving Charts

Pro users can save up to 10 charts and Enterprise users can save unlimited charts. To save charts, simply click on Save at the top right of your screen or use the ⌘ + S shortcut.

From there you'll be able to save and name your chart.

Loading Previously-Created Charts

By clicking the arrow next to save, you can also access a menu allowing you to load your previously saved chart and manage your chart library.