Saving and Duplicating a Screen

When you are editing a screen, the changes you are making are not automatically saved. In case you are trying to exit the tab you are in without having saved your screen, you will get a pop-up asking you to confirm.

In order to save your screen, simply click Save on the top right side of the page and any change you've made since your last save or since you've created the screen will be saved.

In case you have been editing a screen, haven't saved your changes, and want to revert these changes to go back to the original screen, you can use the Revert changes to last saved option under the ... dropdown. Your screen will be updated to its last saved change, and your unsaved changes will be removed.

From the same dropdown, you can also, at all time, duplicate your screen, by either clicking on Duplicate in case your screen has no unsaved changes, or by clicking on Save as a copy, in case your screen has some unsaved changes. The duplicated screen will open in a new tab.