Token Unlocks Data Collection Process

A brief overview on how Messari collects Token Unlock data

Messari collects Token Unlock data from primary sources such as whitepapers, blogs, websites, and other Protocol documents. These are listed on the Vesting Description table under the “Source” column.

The data is then checked for quality assurance through two methods:

  1. Comparison to other third-party sources (DefiLlama, token.unlocks, CryptoRank, Dune, etc.). Differences in data between Messari and other sources may be due to assumptions made on vesting schedules when there is ambiguity or a lack of information. These are stated in the Vesting Description table under the “Assumptions” column (see picture above).
  2. Messari’s Protocol Services analysts have relationships with many teams and will look to confirm the accuracy directly with the Protocol when applicable.

Note: Currently, we do not actively monitor/track vesting schedules that are smart contract-based. In some instances, we may verify that the data listed in the primary source has historically followed the smart contract activity, but this is not continuously monitored.