An overview of the Statements section within the Messari project page.

The statements feature allows you to quickly browse metrics for supported networks in tables divided by quarter and to visualize trends in charts.

Networks Supported

BNB Chain
Polygon ZkEVM

A full list can be found here:

Navigating Statements

The statements page is divided into two sections:

  1. Charts at the top to allow you to create charts with supported metrics.
  2. Tables at the bottom showing quarterly data for metrics.

Navigating Charts Section

The Charts section allows you to create simple line charts from supported metrics.
You can choose which metric you want displayed at the top and select the time range.

Currently supported metrics are: Transaction Fees (USD), Daily Transactions, Active Addresses, Average Transaction Fee, TVL, Contracts, New Contracts Deployed, Stablecoin Marketcap, DEX Volume, and Bridge Flow.

Navigating Statements Section

Statements are a table showing the current quarter (quarter-to-date) and the last 4 quarters. Quarter-to-date is comprised of daily metrics up to the current date. Percent changes are shown below the raw metrics and represent changes between the quarter displayed and the prior one.

Key Metrics

This section displays the key metrics from financial, network and ecosystem sections. It includes: Circulating Marketcap, Transaction Fees, Average Daily Active Addresses, Average Daily Transactions, Average Transaction Fee, DeFi TVL, Stablecoin Marketcap, and Average Daily DEX Volume.

Financial Metrics

This section displays financial metrics and includes: Circulating Marketcap, Price (native token), Transaction Fees, Average Daily Transactions, and Average Transaction Fee.

Network Metrics

This section displays network metrics and includes: Average Daily Transactions, Average Daily Successful Transactions, Average Daily Unsuccessful Transactions, Average Daily Active Addresses, Average Daily New Addresses, Average Daily Returning Addresses, Total Contract Calls, New Contracts Deployed, Average Daily Active Contracts, Average Daily New Contracts Called, Average Daily Returning Contracts Called, and Average Daily Unique Contract Callers.

Ecosystem Metrics

This section displays ecosystem metrics and includes: TVL, Stablecoin Marketcap, Average Daily DEX Volume, Bridge Net Flow, Bridge Deposit Volume, and Bridge Withdraw Volume.