An overview of how to navigate the Messari news feed within Intel.


The world of crypto is a changing one that can be difficult to keep up with. The Messari News Aggregator makes it easier by pulling together all the latest news and events of the crypto industry from over 500 news sources. The news feed provides links to the latest events and announcements that help you be an informed user and investor. With Messari News, you can:

  • Filter by Asset/Watchlist
  • Filter by News Source
  • Keyword Search
  • View Messari AI News Summaries
  • View Recommended News or All News
  • Use the J/K buttons on your keyboard to quickly skim headlines and jump from summary to summary

Get a full walkthrough of Messari's News Aggregator and AI Summaries feature below:

The news feed offers a curated view and allows you to apply filters to the feed to find the news articles most relevant to you and the assets you are interested in.

This feature is only available to Messari Pro & Enterprise users. Learn more about our Premium Accounts here.